KFSG X GlobalConciergeShipping

Kindness For Soul
1 min readJan 8, 2023

GlobalConciergeShipping helps brands and individuals save money on shipping. We have a global network of brands working with us and have volume discounts with industry leading couriers. What that means for you is that the price you’re paying to ship one of your items right now, they could most likely ship your products FAR CHEAPER and FASTER than what’s currently being offered to you.

Typically their clients will notify them as soon as a new order comes through, our service then kicks in as we have a dedicated support team that would provide you with a shipping label and scheduled collection for the next day.

If anyone is interested, feel free to message them and they will be able to provide you a more accurate quote per shipment.

GlobalConciergeShipping are happy to accept cryptocurrencies such as $KFSG as a form of payment :)

📌 Telegram: @globalconciergeshipping

📩 Email: support@globalconciergeshipping.org

🌐 Website: https://globalconciergeshipping.org/